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This is episode #400, and today’s guest is my friend Jason McDougall. Many new real estate investors that are successful end up working long hours, and doing everything themselves. It’s not easy to build a business from scratch, and also have the resources to afford to have others to outsource some of your tasks to. Aside from that, many investors feel that they can do certain tasks better than anyone they’d outsource them to. Here’s a fact…that may be true. However, if you're doing everything in your business…the business owns you, not the other way around. Jason is an up and coming investor, and is well on his way to financial freedom through real estate investing. But, he’s having some growing pains to go from a one man band to a business owner. Today he shares his lessons learned, and we discuss his go-forward plans. You're going to learn a lot from our discussions…don't miss this show! Please help me welcome Jason McDougall to the show!

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