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Ken Corsini joins us to talk about the importance of analyzing your real estate investing business, so you know how to prepare for market shifts. If you continuously analyze what's working and what's not, from exit strategies, marketing channels, etc, you'll be ahead of the game...and ready to shift gears as the market demands. Don't miss this awesome episode! Get your copy of our FREE "Profiting with Rental Properties" Guide!

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There's a right and wrong way to raise private money for your real estate investing business, but the laws are changing rapidly. True that it's getting easier, but there are still very strict laws that you need to abide by. Jillian Sidoti, an attorney and expert in teaching others to raise money for real estate investing, joins us on this episode of the Expert Interview show to tell us about the correct way to raise money for your real estate investing business. She also shares an update on all the recent changes and clarifications in regulations. Don't miss it! Do you want to be a real estate investor but need step-by-step guidance to help get you started? The Investor Machine is a 90-day program with training, weekly tasks, bi-weekly group calls, and more! Schedule a free call to discuss your goals today!

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Most real estate investors start out small. Lone wolves. Chief bottle washers. Challenge is, your business ends up being limited by your own capacity, and your own expertise. You'll no doubt be doing things you don't like, and things that you're simply not good at. Once you understand the power of surrounding yourself with a team, your real estate investing business can take off. Andy McFarland joins us on the Expert Interview show to talk to us about how to scale your real estate investing business up. Check it out! For a limited time, access a FREE Master Class called the "Real Estate Millionaire Blueprint" HERE!

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