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This is episode #337, and my guest today is Alex Joungblood. Alex is a Virginia based investor, but operates in other markets, and is the man behind one of the largest Facebook groups for real estate investors. Alex shares some awesome tips today on Hacking your market – that is….use data to find out who’s buying investor deals in your market, find out what they're buying, and then turn them into hungry customers. There’s some powerful lessons in today’s show…and you're going to love it. Please help me welcome Alex Joungblood to the show.

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This is episode #336, and my guess today is Matt Garabedian. Matt is a Fresno California based real estate investor that is crushing it right now. Matt played baseball in college for one of the top college programs in the country, and uses analogies between baseball and real estate investing that create powerful lessons. I was excited to have this discussion, as I use baseball analogies often for real estate investing as well, though I did not ever play professional sports! If you're looking to take your business to the next level, or even get started as an investor, you're going to love today’s show. Please help me welcome Matt to the show.

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