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This is episode #338, and my guest today is Brian Ellwood. Brian and his partner are doing around 75 deals a year in Middle Tennessee, but doing it all from their homes in Denver Colorado. Today Brian shares the importance of Marketing and Lead Generation for your business, as it’s truly the lifeblood of your business. There’s some great nuggets in today’s show…so don't miss it. BTW – this is the first show EVER that I've actually recorded LIVE via Facebook Live. FlipNerd Elite members were able to watch live from within our private facebook group, and were able to ask questions LIVE after the show was recorded. In fact – all of our shows will be recorded Live from here on out, and only FlipNerd Elite members will have access to participate. Of course, the shows will still be added to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and as well, usually a couple weeks after they are recorded. If you’re interested in watching us Live, it’s just one of the many benefits of our FlipNerd Elite membership….which you can try out for just $1.00 by visiting But now…let’s join the show. Please help me welcome Brian Ellwood to the show.

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